Monday, 8 April 2013


Well it's just a quick update from me today again. Tomorrow my Uncle - who passed away last week - is due to be cremated at 12.30pm. So I have to go across town at around noon and try to get a decent parking space as close to the crematory that I can so I don't have to mobilise too far given how much pain I am living in at the moment. It's more than usual and that's saying something.

Some of my problems is due to the over doing that I have been doing but as I had no other alternative or option I had to 'over-do' more than usual over the past two weeks. Unfortunately I haven't been able to rest more to recover during this past week while my brother is on holiday with his family and I have a break from child minding duties.

Shame but RL does not give you breaks just because you desperately need them.

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