Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Cosmetically Expensive

Just like cosmetic surgery is expensive so is fixing cosmetic damage to luxury items. A car can be said to be such an item.

Today I opted to drop into the PC store while I was out and pick up the cheap neoprene case I wanted which was only £6.99 and not worth paying shipping and delivery on.

So getting to the store I notice only one disabled bay empty but the car in the next space was parked crooked and over into the last space slightly and the passenger had the door open fully into the remaining bay. Turning into the space I parked as far left as possible given the stupid concrete bollards that the store in their infinite wisdom placed at the very edge of the bay.

After seeing me struggle to get out, as I need to fully open my door because of my disability, the passenger decided to reluctantly close her fully open door to allow me to get out. Entering the store I took note that said car had no disabled badge and was being used as a pick up area when the actual pick up area, larger than the bay, was available two spaces away and totally clear.

But I digress.