Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Snow ... YK !!!!!

I noticed that the forecast is for snow .... again !!!!!

Please don't let it come true, I'm fed up with the continual attacks of snow we keep having. It wouldn't be so bad if the payoff was any half decent summer weather but we haven't had more than the odd day - or in most cases a few hours - of relative sunshine since the bad bad bad winter of 2010.

If nothing else I would like some time where I could save my family on heating bills as the continual price increases are bad enough without having to burn our heating in the supposedly 'summer' time of year.

My parents received their bill for the last quarter just a couple of weeks ago and it was almost £400 ... and that's before the latest increase hits us. And people think we are exaggerating when we say that our DLA is crucial for things like heating because I know that my bad reaction to cold and damp has led to our heating being on a lot more than my parents themselves need.

Luckily my Mother believes in paying all year long into credit but that doesn't make the higher bills hurt us financially any less just because my Mother plans for it and continues saving/adding to our credit during the times when we don't actually burn our heating.

We are due at the hairdressers at 3.30pm ... please please please let us be taken on time this time around (we weren't taken until half and hour after our last time) and can get out and to the supermarket shopping in a more timely manner. Doesn't help that snow is forecast for today and the next couple of days and if it comes we want to be indoors before it arrives. It's cold enough now, my Mother washed my hair before lunch and we are burning the heating to help dry it in time for leaving as well as the fact the temps. are Baltic as well. My shoulder is burning and aching, has been since yesterday so a cold front is fast approaching so snow would not surprise me at all.

We also hope to get my brother's two cats in for the night and fed before returning home rather than come home wait half and hour and have to head right back out again to bring them in 'for the night'. Luckily my brother and his family head back to Calais for the ferry home to Dover tomorrow night. Nope Dover isn't our home it's just the nearest ferry port with reasonable distance/price for the ferry for them. So they sail across tomorrow night and should arrive on British shores on Friday morning sometime. They then face at least a six to eight hour drive up to Scotland and home. Generally when they do this they reach Gretna Green by lunchtime or mid afternoon and can reach home by early evening sometime depending on the heaviness or traffic and of course the weather affecting driving conditions. They stop a couple of time, generally once at Gretna, to allow their three boys to run around after being confined to the car for hours and to allow them to rest and grab something to eat.

I'll be glad when my brother is home as I won't need to do twice daily round trips to their house to look after the cats and the house for them. It can become very tiring as if I need anything more to tire me out!! It amounts to roughly 3 miles round trip each time so the petrol costs add up quickly as well.

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