Monday, 15 April 2013


My latest 'aid' that I bought with the help of my DLA arrived today. It's a seat topper massager, I had one years ago which went AWOL when we moved to this house a few years back. My Mother and I both have Homedic Shiatsu Pillows but these are quite a bit more limited, but no less helpful in their own way, that the seat topper.

It cost me around the £25 price ticket including postage, I'll be putting video or pics up to show it properly. Probably better than I can explain in written words.

I love that I can massage (with or without heat) my entire spinal column, my shoulders and all the way over my hips, all at the same time. Also the massager has three separate areas, bottom, middle and top of the seat and you can use them altogether or in one or more area at a time.

DLA is a benefit which is there to help cover the added costs that living with a disability/long term illness can incur. My seat topper is just the latest 'big' purchase I've made courtesy of my DLA. There is regular smaller items like special shoes/clothing requirements (as well as those which require regular replacement due to quick wear/tear), specialist food/drink, specialist facials cleansers (I can't use regular soap) as well as special hair shampoo/conditioner due to the side effects of medication and some of my medical conditions themselves cause.

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