Thursday, 3 January 2013

Another Day

Another day is gone already. My brother dropped his boys off at our house around 11 am saying he would be back between 1 and 2 that afternoon and asked if we could feed them lunch as well.

We headed off to the supermarket after putting the youngest two's Kindle Fire HD tablets on charge for them. We got home just after noon and fed the boys lunch.

Both 1 and 2 pm came and went without any sign of my brother or contact via phone, then at just before 4 pm my brother arrived to pick up the boys. We figure he might have went home after he had completed his tasks and brought down and put away his Christmas decorations without the boys being underfoot.

The new Wii game I bought for the boys arrived today and they spent most of the afternoon playing with it, at least the youngest two did, while the edlest watched what passes for children's TV these days.

So that's how my day went.

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