Thursday, 6 December 2012


Excuse my lack of updates here, but my PC died and had to go away to be possibly fixed. It was away for around a month when it was finally returned by the courier service fixed with a new PSU installed inside the tower itself.

Since it returned a couple of weeks back or so it's been tricky. Half the time it crashes when I attempt to shut down which concerns me. So I'm babying it as I think it's not quite right. While the new part got the darn thing to switch on, which it wasn't doing hence the need to send it away to the repair-shop  but I think it's dying slowly. So I've spent the past week or so transferring content off my PC to external drives so if it does die again I won't suffer too much of a loss to personal data.

I'm starting after Christmas to save up for a newer PC but it will be slow doing as I have a severely restricted income, an income many claim I shouldn't use on 'luxury items' such as my PC. I am getting, quote in big letters GETTING, as a GIFT, a Chromebook for my Christmas from my parents which will take the strain off my ageing PC. Which was also a GIFT several years ago. Four to be exact.

Why to I keep stressing the words getting and gift? Well apparently as I am permanently disabled and am unable to work I don't deserve nice things like TV (sky or similar), PC or internet access, or any nice things. Terrible world we live in isn't it? When people feel they have to justify owning anything that others deem they shouldn't have because of their personal circumstances?

I really hope I wasn't one of those people when I was on the other side of the fence so to speak. If I was I am more than ashamed of my presumptions now let me tell you.

Anyway I can't send the PC back again because the company I used to buy (or rather my parents used when they bought it for me) has gone into administration. This happened days after it was originally picked up. I spend weeks trying to find out when I would get my PC back and if it would be fixed or not. It was all down to the administrators who were busy trying to sell off the silver so to speak and no concerned about the many items in for fixing in the repair shops the company owned. Finally it was returned fixed but I'm finding some suspicious things when using and shutting down the PC which makes me believe there is more wrong in there but I will continue to baby the unit until such time I have the funds to replace the unit all together.

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