Sunday, 7 October 2012

Kobo Glo

Well it's Sunday already, I got quite a surprise when I attended my occupational therapy appointment on Wednesday.

Given the pain I'm experiencing with my spinal column I was dreading attending the hospital and having to walk not only distance from the disabled parking to the occupational therapy department, but the distance from the reception at occupational therapy to the occupational therapists room.

I reached the occupational therapy department and had to spend about 15 to 20 minutes in excruciating pain in the reception area chairs while waiting my appointment. I however did not manage to walk to the occupational therapist room before my therapist had to get me one of the hospital wheelchairs. She then wheeled me the remaining distance to the room.

After my quick appointment she then gave me what she termed an open six-month appointment. Unless I can double the repetitions of my current physiotherapy exercises then I am not to return as it would be a waste of my time and effort if I cannot reach what she terms the next level. After my quick appointment she then had a hospital porter wheel me out to my car in the disabled car park.

On Friday my pre-ordered Kobo Glo digital e-reader arrived just prior to lunch time, I am glad that I did not pay extra for either first-class delivery or courier service as my order arrived within two working days of dispatch even though it was sent by free delivery with delivery expected within 3 to 5 working days.

I have only used the Kobo Glo for a couple of days I far prefer it to my Kindle Touch Edition.I find that the touchscreen is easier to control than that of the Kindle Touch Edition, touchscreen is also more textured than that of the touch edition of the same device.

So far the only negative has been that the quilted textured back of the device seems to mark very easily and seems to have absorb skin oil from even the cleanest hands.

I have also pre-ordered from Argos direct Nook Simple Touch with Glowlight which is supposed to be by all intents released on the UK market on 15 October 2012. I am looking forward to comparing the two devices and see in which one I prefer to use. The other device will not go to waste as my mother's birthday is on Saturday, 20 October 2012 that she will turn 70 this year. So unless the pre-ordered iPod touch fifth-generation which I ordered direct from the Apple Store for her birthday does not get released in time I will simply give her one of the new e-readers.

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