Wednesday, 20 June 2012

End of June Almost!!

See a theme in my recent postings? Well it's the 20th of June already and I haven't been able to post to my blogs much, translation at all, recently.

Mixture of my health problems and a busy family life at the moment. Today I went to my eldest two nephews school as it was Sports Day and took my Bloggie Touch on the off chance I could snap a few pics or vids off. Sometimes you aren't allowed to take pics/video at school events but as many parents and grandparents were using cameras and phones to snap off a few pics I did as well.

My left foot was already swollen this morning so standing around, even leaning a lot of my crutches and against the wall (which was my biggest help as I wouldn't have been able to stay the time I did without it to lean on heavily to take the weight off my legs and feet). Now both feet are badly swollen and throbbing with pain but it was worth it really.

I got some nice footage of my nephews participating in the three legged race, each with a class mate from their own classes, but I had to use the full zoom to record them so if I blow it up to full screen size it pixellates/blurs, all these pocket cams do really, but as long as you resize it to a decent screen resolution instead of blowing it up it more than decent in my opinion. And for a pocket cam that you can pick up for around the £50 mark now that's value for money in my opinion.

I have just spent the late afternoon editing the various video clips so just to get the parts with a good view of my nephews games I am waiting for my finished video to finish rendering now. So as this takes quite a time with my old desktop PC running Vista I thought I'd take the time to type up a blog post on one of my blogs.

Well, my fans on the PC have kicked off, so I'm off to check the resulting rendered video. Fingers crossed as this the very first video I've edited/created. At least as far as I can remember, damn you Fibro Fog!!!

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