Wednesday, 1 August 2012


I attended my OT appt absolutely wrecked. No change in my hand strength test but I did have a major flare up when I had to press the darn machine to get the figures which led to me spending 15 minutes in warm water while at the hospital.

She advised me to go to my GP about my feet, she says Fibro doesn't cause that or swollen fingers which I am also suffering from a lot. Already knew that, I figure the fingers are RA related because I've had arthritis in them since initial diagnosis, as for the feet she reckons it could be arthritis or some unknown condition I've developed which can be either connected to my disabilities/diseases or not.

I found that PC World have changed the in-stock estimate for the Google Nexus 7 tablet instead of being the 2nd of August instead of the 10th which it originally was when I pre-ordered at the weekend. Probably explains why they charged my card yesterday and got payment from my bank. I wondered as it wasn't due back in stock for another 10 days.

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