Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Long Time, No Blog

I know, I know, I know, I'm a very bad blogger!

Life has been a tad difficult with my health over the last month, more flares and mini-flares, than I can remember. The abrupt change in weather from sweltering heat to rain to snow kind of scuppered me. Stared with loosing my voice and just shot off in a lot of different directions from there on out.

I have been recording a video diary on an almost daily basis over the past month and at the weekend I was surprised to find that the small endowment I have been paying into for the past decade had matured when my bank account swelled without warning. At least it swelled for me personally in contrast with my usual balance.

I have treated myself to two little, one of which is none so little, and accessories. I have in my possession an HTC Flyer which is a 7" android based tablet which blows away any android tablet I have previously owned. Which amounts to two, the budget MID one I bought last year and my Kobo Vox Colour Ereader. Unlike those two devices I seem to have full access to Google Marketplace which I've never had before as I tested the search box for those apps that I couldn't download or even find for download via my MID. The Vox doesn't have any marketplace access at all.

It seems a cool little device and has a got a lot of good reviews/press. The only bad point was the original RRP which I didn't pay as it was over half price from Amazon. I believe the figure mentioned was 55% off RRP.

I also have gotten myself, though it's not in my possession yet but due either tomorrow or the next day at the latest, I have gotten myself an iPad. Something I've salivated over since generation 1. Those that wasn't the only reason I got it but my brother has the generation 2 white iPad and loves it and as he was 100% right about how good the iPod touch is I have given it a try.

That's basically all my little wish list if I had the money, so when I had the money my first thought was to put is all away for an emergency/rainy day but my Mum convinced to buy something for myself for a change as I have been religiously paying my premiums for 10 years. So I gave myself a budget to follow, part for 'me' things and the rest put away to fall back on in an emergency or even treat myself  sometime in the future maybe.

So I'm excited that I could finally get myself an iPad. That means I have my smaller 7" tablet which so far I've been very impressed which I can use when I don't or can't - due to my health - manage to use the iPad. But I am hoping that the iPad will be easier to manage on 'bad' days so I don't have to unpack/use the laptop and instead sit and use the iPad for convenience. Won't be replacing either my desktop or laptop, only someone naive in the world of computers would think an tablet could replace any full sized computer in functionality is wrong, just augmenting it and hopefully being able to update more frequently either by text like this or maybe even get my act together and get some video or audio blog posts up.

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