Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Got Space

Well, I've finally cracked and managed to decide which external hard drive I would buy for easing the space constraints on my poor old PC and to move some of the mass of videos I have on the laptop as well.
I bought a S2 1TB portable drive by Samsung. I own a S2 already, a 500GB one, and it's great. So I was confident buying a 1TB version. I found a new make, new to me, visiting Currys/PC World yesterday when I had to again (for the sixth or seventh year) I had to take my Dad's sister back to return her hoover when it broke for another replacement/new unit. I don't know what she does with them, she can't be unlucky enough to have gotten at least seven different brands/makes of hoover which all were dudders and needed replacing within 10 to 12 months. While there I took a look at the hard drives, funnily enough the cheaper 1TB models that were advertised were not to be found when I entered the store looking. Only the 500GB drives 'on special' for the same price as the 1TB I went looking to see. I did see something called a CORE drive, these have an wall power source like my first ever external drive which resides below my desk almost 100% full now. But it was a 1TB drive for under £60, where the nearest 1TB elsewhere in store was at the £85 mark. Quite a difference.

But then, not usb powered and not so mobile, so I came home and looked into the maker/drive to see what it was reviewed as. Finding it was sold out everywhere online (even Currys/PC World) and that the makers Maplin were also out of all but the USB3 versions (I have an old PC, so USB2 needed). So I ordered the S2 Samsung drive I had been looking at. So I went to Amazon and found that there was a 3 to 4 week wait for Amazon as the seller but there was a seller using Prime to send. So I ordered it there, delivered lunch time today.

So this AM I took my Mother up to PC World (Currys) to look a the dual DVD/Blu-Ray players I noticed yesterday. She wanted to get one during the school hols along with the kitchen appliances she needed to replace. So she decided on a Samsung 3D capable DVD/Blu-Ray. So looking at the external drive I noted that the one single CORE drive that they had on the shelves yesterday was still there for the £60 price point. So I opted to buy it and use the portable Samsung on the laptop (where the majority of my video files are stored) and use the CORE to backup and transfer content off my desktop as both my older drives are now almost completely full now.

So now that I can transfer off files I want to keep (like TV/Movie, ebooks etc.) but don't want clogging up my PC. Allowing my PC to stop flashing red in the Drive panel like it's been for weeks now. Also clearing up as I go I hope to have the PC working faster and more smoothly soon.

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